Suggestions for a 2nd Kyusu (sencha & gyokuro)

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Suggestions for a 2nd Kyusu (sencha & gyokuro)

Postby Noonie » Dec 20th, '13, 15:49

I already have the Den's kyusu that I got on special in the spring for $5. It's great! I use it, mainly, for deep steemed sencha.

I'm going to buy a 2nd pot, so I can have one at work (Den's pot) and one at home. I was wondering what is a good pot (filter type, size, etc) to give me the most flexibility for the teas I'll be brewing at home.

At home I have to have fukamushi, my favorite morning tea, and I really want to try gyokuro, and from time-to-time I could also brew light/medium steemed sencha. I know there are fukamushi pots (O-cha, etc.) where the filter is finer, and gyokuro pots...but I don't want to buy multiple pots, so what kind is most versatile?

I would also mention that with sencha I'm usually brewing about 200ml at a time, and would steep once or twice.
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Re: Suggestions for a 2nd Kyusu (sencha & gyokuro)

Postby bambooforest » Dec 21st, '13, 03:58

I like the following pot a lot: ... 5_606.html

I like it because the mesh screen is at the spout and doesn't wrap around the entire pot and when I make only 5 ounces at a time, the leaf mostly stays below the water line. And it pours well. And, rather inexpensive.

It can handle any kind of Japanese green tea well.

Edit: Not so sure this teapot is going to be much different than the one you have now. I just like this teapot a lot for making Japanese tea.
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