Green tea prep

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Green tea prep

Postby trallis » Jan 21st, '14, 01:30

I had to stop drinking tea for a few years, and when I did it before, I didn't drink much green. Just oolong. However, now I want to try making some great green tea. In an effort to get the absolute best experience, i've found that nothing beats asking specific questions on this forum.

I picked up some dragon well and some gyokuro. I drank dragon well in the past and loved it, but gyokuro i have no experience with. So could anyone tell me:

For dragon well or gyokuro what are the exact proportions(grams([have a scale available]per oz/cc/ml), water temp, and steep time?
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Re: Green tea prep

Postby Xell » Jan 21st, '14, 02:18

For gyokuro really depends on grade. If you don't know how good it is, probably can start from 1g/30ml, about 60C water temperature and infusion time 1.5-2min for first, 30sec second, 1-1.5min third, just increase time and use more hot water for next infusions.
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Re: Green tea prep

Postby Chip » Jan 21st, '14, 09:19

... and if it is a good one, 2 grams per 30 ml (1 ounce) of water ... or even more leaf.

1st, 125ish*. This can vary by offering. Some do better with higher and some lower. 90 -120 seconds.

2nd, reduce time to around 15-30 seconds at a slightly higher temp.

Then increase temp and time each steep.
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Re: Green tea prep

Postby JRS22 » Jan 21st, '14, 10:55

I found this brewing guide to be very helpful because of the level of detail.
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