Please Recommend a premium authentic Dragon Well.

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Please Recommend a premium authentic Dragon Well.

Postby djtanng » May 9th, '14, 23:10

Hi, I've tried many many green teas over the years and so far, Dragon Well (Longjing) is my favorite. Though I've been drinking Dragon Well for years, I've only begun trying it from different sources a few months ago. I've tried Dragon Well from Teavana, Pa Dutch Tea & Spice Company, my local Wegmans, and Teavivre.

I enjoyed them all and I don't intend on putting down any companies or anything, because I still enjoy shopping at these places but:

Teavana's Dragon Well seems to be hit or miss, that vary in quality.

Pa Dutch Tea & Spice Company's tastes like it was enhanced with or sprayed with floral additives.

Wegmans' is bargain Dragon Well, and it's slightly weak.

Teavivre's 2014 Super fine DW is very fresh tasting and is a great high quality tea, but lacks that chestnutty aroma and throat that I love in the Dragon Well that Teavana has sometimes.

So, I'm basically looking for a good consistent source for the most authentic Dragon Well that has that roasted chestnuts aroma and flavor with a really strong throat, ("throat" meaning that aroma that rises from the back of your throat after taking a sip.) assuming that real DW is even supposed to have a nutty taste to it.

I prefer a seller that provides the region info, date, flush, and as much other info about their teas as possible. Price is not too much of a concern to me unless it's too outrageous.

Dragon Well is made all over China, but I prefer it to come from the area it started in. Preferably the West Lake area in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. Thanks!
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Re: Please Recommend a premium authentic Dragon Well.

Postby debunix » May 9th, '14, 23:28

I very much enjoyed exploring some Dragon Well from Jing Tea Shop a couple of years ago, and the priciest was very much a nutty powerful tea, and while I preferred one a step down the price latter for having a more delicate flavor with less roast, which is how I prefer it. But I bet you'd find something to enjoy there.

I've been buying a small quantity of Long Jing from Norbu recently, because I was already ordering other items, but I'd again put that as a more delicate, vegetal version which sounds like it's not what you're looking for.
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Re: Please Recommend a premium authentic Dragon Well.

Postby djtanng » May 9th, '14, 23:45

Thanks! I'll try those next.

This has got me thinking about what I've read about spring teas tasting lighter and fresher, while later pickings are stronger tasting, if I even remembered that correctly. The tea from Teavivre was a spring flush from this year. Maybe what I'm looking for is a quality summer or fall flush DWell. I guess it also depends on the tea master who made it as well.
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Please Recommend a premium authentic Dragon Well.

Postby blairswhitaker » May 10th, '14, 07:54

I like seven cups.
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Re: Please Recommend a premium authentic Dragon Well.

Postby Alex » May 14th, '14, 01:36

Jing UK's is great

the cheap one is stronger with an obvious roasting note in the background

The more expensive one is excellent, with a complex subtlety.
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Re: Please Recommend a premium authentic Dragon Well.

Postby chrl42 » May 14th, '14, 21:09

Evan Draper wrote:

+1 :D
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