Adagio Sencha Premier

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Adagio Sencha Premier

Postby Samovar » Oct 25th, '07, 09:10

What are your thoughts on Adagio's 'Sencha Premier' ? How is the color? How is the taste?

I am considering purchasing sencha from Adagio rather than Pacific Leaf.


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Postby xine » Oct 25th, '07, 11:11

I love our Sencha Premiere/Overture. Either one. I drink it almost everyday. The taste is very sublime and has that great vegetal (yet not overpowering) taste. You should think about it.... :D

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Postby Wesli » Oct 25th, '07, 11:27

I haven't had it in a long time(it was from my first order), but from what I remember it was really good. It carried a nice mint-like smell, and brewed up a very fresh cup. It was actually my favorite green from Adagio. But these opinions are 5 months old...

I would suggest getting a sample of the premier, then doing a blind side-by-side comparison with the stuff from Pacific Leaf.

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Postby Samovar » Oct 25th, '07, 11:32

Thank you for your replies.


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