best way to brew green tea

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Postby bambooforest » Oct 31st, '07, 20:16

Not to mention Chip, what water hasn't touched some sort of metal surface? Surely tap water has!

The only argument one could make is that the metal infuser when in contact with tea water can effect the taste. I, however, do not believe it does.
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Postby Wesli » Oct 31st, '07, 20:23

So, I finally have a reason to collect rain for tea water.
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Postby Chip » Oct 31st, '07, 21:43

Just because we are paranoid, does not mean tea kettles are not out to get us...

And then there is acid rain...that stuff will eat you alive... :shock:
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Postby Ian » Oct 31st, '07, 21:49

How do you know if the rainwater is safe to drink in your area? Because if it's clean where I live, I could (1) collect it in a sheep's stomach, (2) pour it into a ceramic vase (3) place said vase into a pit-fire in my back yard (4) pour 170 degree rainwater into my Tokoname teapot with clay sasame (using hemp oven-mitts), and (5) decant my meticulously prepared liquor into a steel wait, a porcelain teacup.

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Postby Wesli » Oct 31st, '07, 23:48

And bottled water has been left in plastic!
What am I going to do??? :shock:
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