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Re: Floating Leaves "Official" Oolong Tea Topic

Postby tortoise » Jan 6th, '11, 21:02

Thanks. I order oolong from her still after moving away and have thought about ordering a pot. I remember seeing them in the store, but never on the website.

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Re: Floating Leaves "Official" Oolong Tea Topic

Postby rhondabee » Jan 6th, '11, 21:03

Glad to know the Da Yu Ling is good. I ordered that and the Lishan and Alishan, and am looking forward to trying some this weekend. I had e-mailed her about purchasing a Yixing pot, but she told me she didn't have any.

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Re: Floating Leaves "Official" Oolong Tea Topic

Postby AAltair » Oct 5th, '11, 02:39

I just thought I'd declare myself here as a bit of a shill for Floating Leaves (I guess by declaring it I am no longer a shill though ...) I'm not under Shiuwen's employ but I'm the kind of person who likes creating friendships and then staying loyal to a company because I know the people.

I'm not as picky about my tea as some, but I do enjoy a high quality cup more than I like drinking whatever teabag is provided at a conference coffee table. At this time my taste runs towards smooth, sweet oolongs that have no astringency and dark, rich pu-erhs - both of which Floating Leaves provides me. Her 2011 Lishan is always a treat to drink - and I never turn down 2nd Place Baozhong no matter the year.

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Re: Floating Leaves "Official" Oolong Tea Topic

Postby tea.and.peace » Oct 15th, '11, 22:38

I just ordered a 120ml gaiwan from them. Keeping my fingers crossed it is a decent piece.

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Re: Floating Leaves "Official" Oolong Tea Topic

Postby devites » Aug 29th, '15, 03:56

Shout out to Floating leaves tea! super happy to be back in the seattle area this past august, my favorite teas right now are the baozhong both the competitive grade and farmer grade, the smell is so rich and cicade-y sweet, brews up tough in my gaiwan and I like the HeHuan Shan oolong! THESE are the faves! Baozhong ive been a lover for many years ;) but HeHuan Shan took me by surprise!

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