Shan Shui Teas "Official" Oolong Tea Topic

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Shan Shui Teas "Official" Oolong Tea Topic

Postby Chip » Jan 20th, '10, 16:48

Shan Shui Teas was nominated and confirmed for our TeaVendor Guide under the Oolong Tea category. If you would like to nominate them to other categories, you may do this, otherwise limit discussion to their Oolong Tea offerings. Thank you! :D

NEW! Official Oolong Tea Vendor Guide for Shan Shui
Consider this a perennial topic for Oolong teas from Shan Shui Teas to discuss and review. ... tegoryID=2

Official Oolong Tea Vendor Guide. Let's see what happens with this wild and crazy idea. You can view the main Oolong TeaVendor Guide here: and the main TeaVendor Guide here:
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Re: Shan Shui Teas "Official" Oolong Tea Topic

Postby Maitre_Tea » Jan 26th, '10, 15:31

I think this is one of the vendors that seems to fall underneath the radar, especially compared to other sources for Taiwanese Oolong such as Tea Masters or Floating Leaves. I've ordered from him once, when I was still a beginner, so I won't speak to the quality of the teas, but I enjoyed them. His selection seems to be pretty wide, and I love the attention he pays to detail, listing things such as cultivator/varietal. He also has a few other teas that I don't see at other places, and he offers 15 gram samples which is nice for those who want to explore his wide selection.
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Re: Shan Shui Teas "Official" Oolong Tea Topic

Postby Victoria » Jan 26th, '10, 17:03

I will add this is one of the very few places you can get Korean oolong.

The Baozhong he carried awhile back was one of the best I have ever had.
And he is very responsive to emails.
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Re: Shan Shui Teas "Official" Oolong Tea Topic

Postby TokyoB » Feb 5th, '10, 20:51

Brian's teas are very good. He specializes in Taiwanese teas and also has a better selection than most of Korean teas. He's also very helpful.
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