Special note to members of TeaChat!

Check out members who are in the business of TEA/teaware!

Special note to members of TeaChat!

Postby Chip » Apr 10th, '10, 10:30

Welcome members to TeaMerchandiser!

I want to assure you, TeaMerchandiser is here for you. The members approved for a topic to promote their business have been members for 6 months and are active on the forum.

Members who have posted a topic in Teamerchandiser have been approved to do so! It is a reward to member/venders who have been active on the forum while not promoting their business contrary to forum rules which are located in several forums of TeaChat including Introductions.

They will be held to a high standard on the general forum, this is not carte blanche to promote elsewhere on teaChat. PERIOD.

Even though these are members in good standing, obviously TeaChat, her Moderators and Administrators, our host Adagio and her employees and officers are not responsible in any way, shape, or form for any transaction entered into through TeaMerchandiser poster!

You assume full responsibility for any business you conduct with TeaMerchandisers!

AND YES, even TeaMerchadiser is a forum. Soooo, if you want to comment in a TeaMerchandiser topic, you certainly may. BUT, this is not Customer Service! Contact the vendor directly in order to resolve any issues that would normally be handled by their Customer Service.


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