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Re: IPT, Chinese-tea-culture

Postby TIM » Aug 30th, '12, 12:14

My prayers are with you and your family, dear tea friend. Althought we never meet, but thru tea, we all become friends and share something sincere and beautiful. Best ~ Tim
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Re: IPT, Chinese-tea-culture

Postby Drax » Aug 30th, '12, 12:30

I have truly missed your insights and the conversations we have shared. This bad news has been lingering out there for some time, and I'm very sorry to hear that it has arrived. My best thoughts, prayers, and wishes to you!
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Re: IPT, Chinese-tea-culture

Postby SilentChaos » Aug 30th, '12, 13:03

My condolences too! *raises my cup of sencha.
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Re: IPT, Chinese-tea-culture

Postby nrstooge » Aug 30th, '12, 13:13

Here's to her finding peace and you too (raises tea cup in her honor)... Miss your discussions and knoweldge of all things tea. Look forward to your return to the forum when the time is right.
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Re: IPT, Chinese-tea-culture

Postby teaisme » Aug 30th, '12, 13:41

Take care tea friend, stay strong
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Re: IPT, Chinese-tea-culture

Postby the_economist » Aug 30th, '12, 13:57

I am sorry for your loss, my teapet and I will raise a cup to your wife. Take care.
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Re: IPT, Chinese-tea-culture

Postby debunix » Aug 30th, '12, 14:21

Wishing peace for you and your family in this time of loss.
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Re: IPT, Chinese-tea-culture

Postby MIKE_B » Aug 30th, '12, 22:27

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss.
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Re: IPT, Chinese-tea-culture

Postby tinols » Aug 30th, '12, 22:30

I'm sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers to your wife.
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Re: IPT, Chinese-tea-culture

Postby Xell » Aug 30th, '12, 23:28

My condolences too, hope you stay strong.
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Re: IPT, Chinese-tea-culture

Postby BioHorn » Aug 31st, '12, 08:39

We brewed a cup to your memory yesterday. I will do the same today. Many on chat were sharing heartfelt comments.
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Re: IPT, Chinese-tea-culture

Postby GreenwoodStudio » Aug 31st, '12, 11:24

Sending much love and light your way
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Re: IPT, Chinese-tea-culture

Postby DVS » Aug 31st, '12, 14:40

You and your family have my condolences .
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