Common Health Questions

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Common Health Questions

Postby Charles » Mar 10th, '10, 15:51

This discussion thread is dedicated to questions and comments on the TeaClass lesson: Common Health Questions ( TeaClass is designed to be a free educational tool so if anything is unclear, let us know! We're also using TeaClass to train our own retail store staff so please feel free to share anything you've heard or read that disagrees with the lesson. Our goal is to continually improve this tool based on your feedback.
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Re: Common Health Questions

Postby entropyembrace » Jul 15th, '10, 23:17

minor issue with the lesson...people can be allergic to many things besides "nuts, lactose and gluten" It´s important to have information on ALL ingridients available so that a customer with allergies can check for specific allergens unique to them.

Also I have pH tested some teas...not all are acidic. Ying De Gold (a Chinese black tea) consistantly gave me a pH around 8 which is alkaline.
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