HAGI SO 13 "Tempest"

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Re: NEW!!! HAGI SO 13 "Tempest"

Postby Chip » Dec 21st, '10, 10:15

Noahnoir wrote:Little Hagi is looking out of the window on a snowy winter day and enjoys her first cup of YM "LE". :)

Yay, and a great sencha too.

You can post a larger image on the forum BTW. :wink:
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Re: HAGI SO 13 "Tempest"

Postby Drax » Jan 6th, '13, 16:25

This cup was probably one of my best tea purchases from a use standpoint. I use this cup for almost all of my drinking. It has a perfect volume, the white interior is good for enjoying the color of the tea, and the flared rim and the solid koudai (foot) make it very easy to hold when the tea is still quite hot.
Tea in a tempest.
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Re: HAGI SO 13 "Tempest"

Postby debunix » Jan 6th, '13, 16:52

Mine are also favorites, because of the combination of shape and thickness of the clay--they're so good for many quick infusions of hot brewed puerhs and oolongs because they allow the very hot tea to cool before it gets too oxidized. Slurp, slurp, slurp. And they're simply gorgeous.
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