Teaspring Gaiwan Set, AdamMY

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Teaspring Gaiwan Set, AdamMY

Postby AdamMY » Jun 4th, '10, 14:45


This was my first Gaiwan, which I got because it came with one Aroma cup and one gong fu cup. Personally that is the only Aroma cup I have because I do not practice a formal ceremony, and I find that it does not really add that much.

The design is rather nice, not exactly the best designed gaiwan you would ever find, but certainly not a bad design, but I grew up with a lot of blue and white Chinese Porcelain in the house.

This gaiwan is sturdy, and a wonderful size coming it at around 100 ml. It preforms its job as needed with ease once you know how to use it, and know what you can and can not do with it.

Getting into what you can not do with it, as the porcelain is thicker it really holds heat, so I've found it is necessary to let it rest between infusions, and even after the rinse to let heat dissipate from the gaiwan, or else you can easily end up with burnt fingers. My lid isn't exactly round, but its never been off enough for me to really care.

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Re: Teaspring Gaiwan Set, AdamMY

Postby Chip » Jun 16th, '10, 14:14

Great review Adam. It is hard buying gaiwan online since you can never tell how thick it is, etc.

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