Karkadeh / Roselle / Hibiscus

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Karkadeh / Roselle / Hibiscus

Postby Marco » Oct 9th, '10, 14:05

During my vacation I bought a little herbal tea in Odessa. Каркаде is its name - never heard of. But with searching I found out that it is Hibiscus or Karkadeh or Roselle or ... it really has a bunch of names.
In our region I found out it is added to a lot of herbal teas. In other regions of the world it is drunk quite frequently - hot or cold.
I really really like its fresh taste due to organic acids. And its deep red colour is nice.
And it seems that it is very very healthy.

Anybody here who drinks hibiscus tea?
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Re: Karkadeh / Roselle / Hibiscus

Postby debunix » Oct 9th, '10, 14:07

I love to put hibiscus in herbal tea blends, but never drink it solo, because it is so sour.
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Re: Karkadeh / Roselle / Hibiscus

Postby entropyembrace » Oct 9th, '10, 19:28

I drink it as Agua de Jamaica :mrgreen:

It´s a popular drink in Mexico...hibiscus iced "tea" with cane sugar.
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Re: Karkadeh / Roselle / Hibiscus

Postby Kunkali » Oct 10th, '10, 03:55

It's supposedly high in vitamin c
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