Jiao Gu Lan

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Jiao Gu Lan

Postby Marco » Nov 13th, '10, 11:54

Yesterday I tried this Jiao Gu Lan Herbal Tea for the first time. - I cannot always drink caffeinated tea in the late hours. :)

Seems to be very very healthy. Does somebody know it?

Tastes strange and smells strange. Not really bad, but it isn't my delight either. Who tried it before?
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Re: Jiao Gu Lan

Postby sanamionline » Nov 28th, '10, 00:43

I haven't yet had it that's one reason why I haven't featured it on my website but it is a very common tea here. I have read a lot about it but like most teas boosting healthful qualities I have to say - if it tastes good then drink it. Most of the time these teas that boost healthful qualities are just in for the money and not as a true culture. One reason why I believe tea in the west is considered more healthful/spiritual rather than a true culture.
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