Looking For: Twinings manderine and lychee

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Looking For: Twinings manderine and lychee

Postby Marlene » Nov 11th, '05, 18:15

I got a box of this wonderfull stuff in a trade. I fell madly in love with it dispite the bag issue. (bags and I gennerally don't get along). Anyway, I can't find it online or in stores anywhere. Does anybody know where I can get this or it's equivalent? It's ingredients are:
Hibiscus, rosehips, orange peel, apple pieces, blackberry leaves, manderin flavouring, liquorice root, jasmine flavouring, orange flavouring, lychee flavouring, lychee pieces, manderin pieces.
Please help! I'm down to 4 bags!
(of course, if adagio would get a lychee herbal, i could mix something up my self, hint hint, chris
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Postby Messorius » Nov 11th, '05, 22:39

I've only seen it in England while visiting. There's a few other blends they have that are not available here as well. Which reminds me, I need to tell hubby to bring me some more. <3
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Postby teamuse » Nov 13th, '05, 13:02

I would recommend a British import site as well.

There are just some Twinnings, esp the herbals...that it is near impossible to find here in the states. I had some luck at Cost Plus/World Market with the Lemon & Ginger (Chris I implore you for an Adagio blend similar to this too!!). I don't remember seeing the lychee one you referenced...but I have had it and it is lovely. If you discover it, please let me know.
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