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Postby obsidianbladed » Oct 24th, '09, 00:38

Hello! I'm looking to trade some of my teas that I just didn't care for. To keep it simple, here's what I have...
- Snowbud (sample tin, full)
- Honeybush (sample tin, full)
- Lapsang Souchong (4 oz. tin, very full)
- Yunnan Jig (sample tin, 3/4 full)
- Pineapple (sample tin, 1/2 full) discontinued!

And here's what I'm looking for...
- Guanabana <3
- Raspberry Green
- Raspberry
- Masala Chai
- Mango
- Passionfruit
- Chocolate Chai
- Earl Grey Bravo

Any of these teas in any amount would be good, as long as the trade seems equal enough. :)
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