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Heyheyhey-Matcha and Matcha Teaware

Postby heyheyhey » Feb 22nd, '10, 18:16

Hello. I recently came into a ridiculous quantity of matcha and teaware, and after looking at it a while, realized I really wouldn't need three Chasen for some time, decided to sell off some. None of the Chasen or Chashaku have been used, and the Matcha is all still sealed. If you have any questions or want pictures, feel free to send me a message. I suppose shipping will be dependent on where you live. Since this is my first forum post, I have received a limited endorsement from Chip, the moderator, as long as I remind members that they should participate in a purchase at their own risk.
$15-Chasen, Japanese, Dark Bamboo
$7 Each (2)- Chasen, Japanese
$7 Each (2)-Chashaku, Dark Bamboo
$10 Each (2 Cans) Matcha Kin from Ujinotsuyu, 40g each
$12 Each (3 Cans) Matcha Io No Tomo from Tamakien, 30g each
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Re: Heyheyhey-Matcha and Matcha Teaware

Postby Chip » Feb 22nd, '10, 18:57

Mod post: heyheyhey contacted me per TeaSwap guidelines since he/she is a brand new member. I offered heyheyhey a limited endorsement.

As always, participate at your own risk. :mrgreen:
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