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Postby Ladytiger » Mar 30th, '08, 21:59

Red 254
Green 44

This is very nice of you!
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Postby Terrasi » Mar 31st, '08, 02:49

Red. 25
Green. 300

How exciting! The tea newbies are grateful for the chance.
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Postby GeoffK » Mar 31st, '08, 03:06

1. Red 27
2. Green 326
3. Yellow 443

Very cool giveaway!
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Tea Days...

Postby Lilithsilverman... » Mar 31st, '08, 12:07

I'm re-entering this so my e-mail address is accessible and to join the site!

This is a really great idea!
I love tea and would love to get more into the world of it. I've only done some simple research and have googled my share of tea preparation, etc.

I would also love to open this world up to my children, and perhaps even start a tea "ceremony" at one of the coffee/tea shops I frequent

So, here are my choices.

Red: 425
Green: 418
Yellow: 15

Thanks for the opportunity!
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Postby scyform » Mar 31st, '08, 14:28

Sounds like a great idea! Really helps out certain poor college students...

1. Red 328
2. Yellow 163
3. Green 66
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Postby stargazer » Mar 31st, '08, 15:45

1.) Green 19
2.) Red 342
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Postby thanks » Mar 31st, '08, 21:48

This is the coolest idea ever.

Red - 23
Green - 428
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Postby norlou » Apr 1st, '08, 02:47


Red 422
Yellow 318
Green 173
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Postby greenisgood » Apr 2nd, '08, 16:52

Red: 213
Green: 25

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Postby soapy » Apr 2nd, '08, 20:00

WOW! Very generous and I love the idea! I need to purge myself....lol

I really enjoy oolongs immensely! I go to a local restaurant for there brewed oolong and just sit with a pot and relax... I drink it fat though... I just can't seem to get enough!!:roll:

and I've been intrigued and very interested in learning more about Yixing teapots, i found a bity display one looks like a monkey but still have no idea and really want to explore and learn to brew them in a Yixing teapot for myself....

so I'd choose
green 77

Good Luck to all!

Very nice of you for sharing!

Thanks for the opportunity to take part!

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Postby Guest » Apr 3rd, '08, 10:41

Great idea for a contest. Good luck everyone!

Green, 82

-- Kerne


Postby AWOLRanger » Apr 3rd, '08, 19:13

Red - 149
Green - 321

Postby greysection » Apr 3rd, '08, 19:58

those are awesome teas and accesories!

here's my entry:

1. green 213
2. red 333
3. yellow 21

Postby DangerInRed » Apr 3rd, '08, 20:12

Wow, this looks amazing! I really like the few oolongs I've tried, so

Green: 469
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Postby Joe Z » Apr 3rd, '08, 23:58

Green, 332
Red, 281
Yellow, 175
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