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Re: Singapore

Postby daintydimsum » Aug 20th, '14, 00:02

kyarazen wrote:
daintydimsum wrote:Hi all! I've relocated to SG; anyone knows if Chinese Tea House is still selling teas? (Even if it no longer has a shopfront.)

welcome to singapore!..

yes chinese tea house is still selling teas, either wholesale or direct to consumers.

you can contact them at
35 Tannery Rd, Singapore 347740
+65 6841 3959

awesome! looking forward to contacting them :)
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Re: Singapore

Postby JBaymore » Aug 30th, '14, 19:23

This is happening in Singapore in a few days: ... 74180393-0

Yes.... my work is included.


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Re: Singapore

Postby Arioche » Sep 22nd, '14, 12:40

Hope this isn't a dead topic, but two tea places I will recommend in Singapore, both in Chinatown, are Enjoy Tea (18 Sago Street) and Pek Sin Choon (36 Mosque Street).

Take note, however, that since Pek Sin Choon mainly deals in wholesale, their store is very no-nonsense. Definitely not the place you'd want to go to if you're looking for a fancy set-up, but the tea is good and the boss is very amicable. You can get some really dang good stuff if you know what to ask for.
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