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Re: Saigon / HCM Vietnam

Postby daidokorocha » Aug 15th, '14, 13:53

Ee, I tried a high mountain Vietnamese oolong last week and it wasn't quite bad. I bought myself a bag of a Vietnamese green as well. I haven't had it yet. I'll get back around to it.
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Re: Saigon / HCM Vietnam

Postby Bok » Aug 26th, '14, 04:04

What about pollution in teas from Vietnam? After all a lot of agent orange has been dumped on the country and even today people are still born with missing limbs and the sorts due to that…

I guess it should be fine for teas from the south, but I am not so sure about north Vietnam. Does anyone know where they mainly grow their tea?

A lot of teas make it also into Taiwan, here being sold as taiwanese so the merchant makes a good margin… From my experience I found the oolongs from Vietnam a bit too “grassy” for my taste, similar to oolongs I tried from Thailand.
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Re: Saigon / HCM Vietnam

Postby jayinhk » Aug 27th, '14, 06:10

I saw some people who had agent orange deformities outside saigon, but they were in their 30s and 40s. Things are fine now; pesticide is a much bigger issue. Most tea is produced up north in the mountains.

Grassy taste = chlorophyll = too much nitrogen...sounds like they're fertilizing heavily to boost yields.

I have VN oolong right here, but I'm drinking Anxi TGY instead. ;)
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