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Postby poling525 » Feb 2nd, '09, 09:23

Hello!! My blog is new
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Postby Ryoruki » Feb 2nd, '09, 15:54

I'd love it if ya'll would stop by my tea-blog, Confessions of a Tea Addict
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Postby JasonC » Feb 3rd, '09, 10:48

I'm still in the midst of getting the content situated, and my blog/site isn't all about tea, but it does have a dedicated tea section. :) I finally finished most of the wordpress hacking that needed doing, so that my site doesn't look "canned". I wanted a more custom look and feel. So now I've just got to add the content. I have a couple tea reviews up. More have been shot, I just need to finish my evaluation ( read, brew more up and check my notes on the tasting ). Anyway, check it out, and feel free to comment on any posts that have comments enabled!

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Postby silvermage2000 » Feb 11th, '09, 18:31

Please do not go to the other blog I had. This I's my new blog.
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Postby cvaagen » Feb 15th, '09, 13:20

new, but im getting there

the tea drinker:
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Postby trent » Feb 21st, '09, 23:49

New blog and 1st post
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Walker Tea Review

Postby jasonowalker » Feb 23rd, '09, 17:06

reporting on the quality and taste of online loose teas.

I do video reviews, so you can see how I prepare the teas.

Jason Walker
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My Blog

Postby tea-guy » Mar 12th, '09, 10:11

Y'all can view or re-view (pun intended) my tea blog!

I'm working on adding a lot of extra things. Here's a short list:

1) A full Blog Roll
2) Media (Images, Video & Audio)
3) Brand Lists
4) Iced Tea Reviews
5) News posts
6) Tea history insights

I'm also working on a full redesign of the site with new colors and a more original layout.


Let me know what you think! :P
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Postby teaskeptic » Mar 21st, '09, 19:52

Here is my tea blog
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Postby Tea Escapade » Mar 24th, '09, 09:59

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Tea Escapade
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Postby TeaEqualsBliss » Apr 6th, '09, 13:16

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Postby dooble » Apr 21st, '09, 13:38

So many blogs you cannot even begin to read them ^^;
Anyway; Tea for the Poetic
I tend to examine the teas subjective effects on the mind.
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Postby mangaka » Apr 26th, '09, 16:40

Here's my tea blog:

Chocobubbo's Tea

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Postby teacast » Apr 30th, '09, 17:38

Crispy Tea Leaf!

Home of my video review of teas called TeaCast, hope you guys check it out!
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Postby DukeSoccer » May 3rd, '09, 21:48

My blog is not directly a tea blog, however, that is definitely a topic that I cover. I have a few post about teas already on my blog, feel free to visit it at
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