What to do with used tea leaves

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What to do with used tea leaves

Postby Sherri » Jun 10th, '05, 21:38

What do you do with used tea leaves? Are they good for plants ? Can I throw them in the yard around the roses? Are they deadly to plants? Just wondering if there was anything good to come from them other than the great tea:) Thanks, Sherri

Postby chefmom » Jun 13th, '05, 22:08

Yes, use them to enhance your roses! I scatter them all around my gardens. I have to admit it looked a bit wierd on new fallen snow this winter!
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Postby Ennazus » Oct 7th, '05, 21:48

I just toss them in my compost. :)

Postby PeteVu » Oct 10th, '05, 01:08

they give my trashcan a delightful aroma
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Postby himthatwas » Oct 10th, '05, 23:06

I'm working on a lovely hat.
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Put them on your hydrangeas and Azeleas- they love acidity!

Postby tbride00 » Oct 13th, '05, 23:19

They love it... :D

Postby snotbottom » Nov 2nd, '05, 15:32

Just a pinch between your cheek and gum... (sorry, the redneck in me was coming out there a bit).

Plants love 'em. I try to keep them only on the outdoor plants, however, because they tend to draw gnats and other small flies in my houseplants.
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Postby klemptor » Nov 2nd, '05, 16:25

himthatwas wrote:I'm working on a lovely hat.

This I would love to see.
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Postby chris » Nov 4th, '05, 16:21

Here are some non- clothing uses:

Treat your Plants — Tea can be used as a fertilizer for both indoor and outdoor plants. Leftover brewed tea can be cooled and used to "water" houseplants on occasion, and infused tea leaves can be distributed in your flower garden for a nutrient boost.

Tidy Up — Because tea absorbs moisture and odors, you can place dry tea bags in shoes and other unpleasant smelling places to remove odors. Infused tea leaves can be placed in your refrigerator to help keep food odors in check.

Clean Your Mirrors — Leftover brewed tea can be cooled and used to get mirrors squeaky clean. Use a soft cloth to buff away the tea after cleaning.


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Postby Teatime » Nov 4th, '05, 16:25

Great ideas, Chris. My husband takes the used tea leaves and places them in our potted plants. The plants are flourishing!

They like tea as much as we do!


Used Tea Leaves

Postby khesketh » Aug 10th, '06, 19:09

Check out this site regarding used green tea leaves - apparently that's called "chagra"... Still learning something new everyday! :D

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Postby Tea Guy » Aug 11th, '06, 10:54

Tea Guy
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Postby Cinnamon » Aug 28th, '06, 12:00

I tend to keep a large, inexpensive saucepan on the stove during the winter simmering away with some cloves, cinnamon sticks, etc. I take my used tea leaves and add them to the mix. It infuses the whole house with the scent. And, it's a lot less expensive than those simmering potpourri you can buy!
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Postby Jasmine Green » Aug 30th, '06, 14:32

I usually fling them across my backyard after a good pot of tea. I figure they shouldn't end up in a landfill...
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Postby Warden Andy » Aug 30th, '06, 15:31

Jasmine Green wrote:I usually fling them across my backyard after a good pot of tea. I figure they shouldn't end up in a landfill...

I do the same thing.
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