Points question

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Points question

Postby babnert » Mar 26th, '09, 03:35

I currently have 99 frequent cups points and im always 1 off from having an even 10. Last time I was up to 99 I was stuck there for a month before being able to redeem my GC. Anyone know what could cause an odd number of points, I forgot what I did that was the cause for that.

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Postby Ebtoulson » Mar 26th, '09, 10:15

I'm pretty sure the points stand for how many dollars you've spent (not including shipping). So its essential giving you 10 percent back on every purchase. Once the points get to 100 you can exchange it for gift credit but you can also wait till it gets even higher say for instance 130 and then get 13 dollars.

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Postby Chip » Mar 26th, '09, 11:21

Hi Babnert, I moved your post to Adagio>Feedback. You can also contact Adagio directly for a faster response.

This is TeaChat, a forum. Adagio does check Feedback if you want to wait for an answer.

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