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Postby Drax » Mar 26th, '09, 22:08

Drax wrote:Looking great!

Might I make some suggestions for additional emoticons?

A cup of tea
A pu-erh beeng
A tea leaf(?)
A tea pot

On a chainmaille board that I frequent, they came up with chainmaille-related smilies (smiley in a coif, a pair of pliers, etc)... so could be fun here, too...?

They don't have to be smiley-related... I still think a cup of tea or a tea pot would make a great one to put in posts.
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Postby Ti » Mar 31st, '09, 20:08

How about changing the TeaChat background on the banner at the top to the faded image of the new buttons or something similar? The header falls flat and is really blasé now in comparison to the buttons and icons.
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