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Postby trent » Apr 1st, '09, 19:16

If you can, make the trip down to Santa Cruz for Chaikhana. They sell puerh hand produced by master wang (here's an interview of him)http://www.teance.com/category_s/109.htm. David (the owner) has loads of antique tea ware (his personal collection has stuff as old as the song dynasty). If you're looking for yixing, he just bought some from a collector (i just bought one from the 50's).

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Postby RockingtheRepublic » Apr 5th, '09, 17:15

Thanks for the share. I really enjoyed the article. I added Chaikhana to my map! I would love to try one of the organic tree growing raw pu-erhs he's talking about in the article!

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Postby Janine » Apr 5th, '09, 17:50

David & Marilee (of Chaikhana) have always been great to meet when I visited Capitola or Santa Cruz (their old shop was in Capitola). If you go please say hello for me. :-)

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