Chamomile and water side Wild Mint Tea

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Chamomile and water side Wild Mint Tea

Postby ChildOfNight » Apr 14th, '09, 03:22

Just a suggestion for an awesome combination. 1 Tbs. of Chamomile flowers, with 1 Tbs. of Wild Mint. If anyone lives in an area where mint grows wild, the kind by streams and lake shores, this is the best kind of mint. Higher in menthol than it's brother in sisters, and even having it's own unique characteristic. Do not confuse this with peppermint or spearmint. It's not something you will find often to even purchase. Good by itself, when paired with chamomile it is amazing. You can easily pick out the distinct tastes of both. If you are lucky to have this kind of mint, dry it first, it will not brew as good, fresh.

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Postby silvermage2000 » Apr 14th, '09, 15:41

I do like chamomile and mint tea never heard much about wild mint but would be interesting to check out though.

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Postby tjkoko_off » Apr 14th, '09, 16:07

Chamomile is the greatest for highlighting blonde hair, FOR I AM THE VIKING!!111

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