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Postby silvermage2000 » Mar 21st, '09, 18:19

Could you please consider using paypal as a buy option to?
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Postby LaybackPandas » Apr 23rd, '09, 02:50

yah, no shit. my credit card was stolen few months ago.
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Postby graced266 » Apr 23rd, '09, 05:55

I know I personally would feel much more secure buying from your website if you offered PayPal as an option to pay. And I doubt I'm alone in my hesitations!
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Postby chamekke » Apr 23rd, '09, 11:02

Especially as the Adagio account page won't allow me to change the credit card that they have on file for me.

Which is why I haven't bought anything from Adagio for months :(

P.S. Shortly after writing this, I wondered to myself whether I had actually thought to notify Adagio support of this problem. So I contacted them via the website. They e-mailed me back within an hour to tell me that they'd deleted the credit card info on file and that I can now enter a new one. Fantastic service!

(Stilll, it might not hurt to offer PayPal as a supplementary option.)
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