where to go for mother's day tea in CT just some FYI

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where to go for mother's day tea in CT just some FYI

Postby chezmk » Apr 23rd, '09, 23:45

I live in CT and saw that there's an interesting (and affordable) 'afternoon tea in the country' at the famous Silo cooking school in New Milford CT. Friends of mine went last year and said they had a great relaxing time. This year it's the same...tea buffet, the kids spend some time in the kitchen making gifts for mom while grownups get a break and enjoy some tea and homemade goodies. this year it says they'll have live acoustic music. just thought those of you in CT might be into this. I think I might take my mom and grandmom for something a little different to do so maybe I'll see some of you there :D
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