Caravans gone

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Caravans gone

Postby OOC92 » May 9th, '09, 09:09

What happened to Inguna Trepsa's Russian Caravan? I bought it and now cannot find it. If it is gone, what is in it?

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Postby jazz88 » May 9th, '09, 11:54

It's gone because I deleted the blend. It was not among the "popular" ones and when I created new 4 Seasons blends I deleted the "Russian Caravan". Sorry.

May I recommend "Red Dragon" instead. It is my personal favorite from all my signature blends. Unfortunately it's currently not available but I hope it will change soon.

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Postby Aphroditea » May 11th, '09, 09:26

Not to step on Inguna's toes (I hope she doesn't mind) and not to overwhelm you, either, but a few other options came to mind, so I thought I might post them and you can make your own mind up about them if one tickles your fancy :)

- A.M. Wake-up by Woodie Barnes -

- 2009... A Tea Odyssey (Bold) by Sarah Almon -

- Silk Road by Tanya Laird (me) -

- Black Dove by Tanya Laird -

Good tea hunting :D

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Postby jazz88 » May 11th, '09, 10:39

Of course I don't mind :) These are very good suggestions. Thanks!

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