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spread the word

Postby jphares » Jun 27th, '06, 10:30

Maybe you guys should look into business cards. The evitation with gift certificate is great but i get a lot of questions and interests in my teas when i'm out and about with a cup of tea and no computer. i don't nessecarily feel comfortable asking strangers for their email address but would feel great about giving them a business card with the info they so desparately need. It could be in green with the adagio.com trademark. maybe add a slogan or a teafact and of course, the website address. maybe even on the back you could put a coupon code that still would give a gift certificate amount if they visit and order. existing customers that give out these cards could be given an id # that would link the coupon code to them for rewards purposes. adagio, i think it's time you spread your word and come into the real world. allow me to spread the word while i'm out and about. if you don't make them for me, i may be forced to do it myself(minus the gift certificate part. that might be illegal)!

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