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tea storage

Postby Butterflykoi » Jun 29th, '06, 12:43

New tea drinker here and I purchased several (a lot) sample tins. Since I have purchased so many, I am wondering the best way to store them during use, in the fridge or just out on the countertop?
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Postby Warden Andy » Jun 29th, '06, 13:34

I don't think the tins are completely airtight, so the tea will pick up odors in the fridge. Just find a place that usually remains cool, and free of strong odors, and put it there.
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Warden Andy
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Postby studio271 » Jun 29th, '06, 13:54

Also, just like with coffee in the freezer, the fridge is a high-moisture environment that can destroy tea. Even if your containers are completely airtight (and not all of adagio's tins are; although I've never had a sample-sized tin, myself), if you've ever seen condensation on a window, you know that moisture is going to find a way into your tea.

Simple fact is, getting moisture into your tea while storing it is NOT GOOD. :P
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Postby klemptor » Jun 29th, '06, 14:12

I agree with Andy and Studio271. Moisture will kill the tea and it'll pick up "fridge smell." I keep my sample tins in these stackable mesh bins, on a small shelf in my kitchen. Works perfectly well for me!
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Postby Madam Potts » Jul 9th, '06, 09:01

I wouldn't worry too much if you kept the tea in the tins, just as long as you keep tea out of direct light, heat or moisture, and of course, use them up within 6-9 months (max).
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Postby MarshalN » Jul 9th, '06, 23:41

If they are black tea they can last a little longer than that... I have some year old (or older) black that are fine.
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