White Blueberry Tea

White and yellow teas are among the most subtle.

White Blueberry Tea

Postby goodgrief » Jan 23rd, '06, 15:30

Does anyone know what percentage of the white blueberry tea is actually white tea and not other flavoring/ingredients?

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Postby chris » Jan 23rd, '06, 15:51

White tea makes up the vast percentage.... a little flavoring, etc, goes a looong way!

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white blueberry question

Postby d313rium » Jul 3rd, '06, 23:30

I got my first shipment of the White Blueberry tea today. I was so excited (my favorite tea and my favorite flavor? What could be better?). When I first looked at the tea, the blueberries were fuzzy. I figured it was probably a normal thing to happen to things in tea (I'd seen a similar thing to a much smaller extent in my White Pear) and it was no problem.
I brewed up a pot in my new Beehouse teapot and had just had two glorious sips when my phone called to tell me a meeting had been rearanged and I was needed.
Three hours later, I came back to my tea.
It was cold, yes, but as soon as I went to drink it I saw a skin the likes of which I'd never seen before. When I stuck my finger in it, it came out covered with a black slimy skin. I know this isn't normal for all tea or all white tea, because I've left tea standing for that time before. When I went to wash it off, it was harder to get off than a week old tea stain. (Yes, I know, I should take better care of my dishes!)
So, moral is -
is this normal?
I don't want to make anymore of the tea until I know for sure. I've never had a problem with adagio tea before, so 'problem' isn't my default assumption, but I can't afford to get sick right now.
Does this happen to you? Any ideas? Any hints on how to make it not happen again?

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The White BB is my favorite Adagio tea

Postby Chai Guy » Aug 14th, '06, 22:34

I am still new here and trying a number of different ones. Some, I really didn't like. The white blueberry was wonderful. Going to try peach next. :P

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