Tea in its purity

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Tea in its purity

Postby cinaussi » May 25th, '09, 13:39

Hi All,

I'm new to the forum and would like to introduce simple, plain, noble chinese tea.

In fact, tea drinking goes back to its general concept based on Yin Yang philosophy and the five elements of traditional chinese medicine. It’s primarily a mean of accessing wellbeing through different aspects of life such as flavour, taste, taking time, etc. Nature has given us tea, a unique tree of which the liquor is largely appreciated.

Should you want to buy some high-quality tea make sure it has been of carefullly selected and doesn’t contain any pesticides or other elements such as heavy metal that could gravely affect health. The first harvest of the best “crus” should be parsimoniously selected manually each year. In that way, tea stays noble and pure.

I'll post some information about what I know of tea and since I've been a tea passionate since quite a long time, I hope you'll enjoy it! Any comments, suggestions or remarks are more than welcome!

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Postby Chip » May 25th, '09, 14:02

Hello and welcome to the forum. I moved this topic to Introduction since it was not recommending an actual product to Adagio (where you had it originally).

Also under Introduction, you will find the forum rules. :wink:

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