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Studio shot 5/29

Postby Zygote » May 29th, '09, 22:08

I've been working to finish off 2 kiln loads of bisque ware this week. A third of the bisque ware is for my in house Cone 6 electric firing, a third is for soda firing with Matt of Mossbeach Ceramics, and the last third is for banking away for special spur of the moment firings.
Most of this load is canisters for my local farmers markets with a few sculptural peices for my summer projects and a handful of experiments to test new ideas.
Here is a shot of some of this weeks work drying upside down...

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Postby geeber1 » May 30th, '09, 00:30

Nice, nice stuff, Zygote! I'm in awe of you guys and your talents!

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Postby Chip » May 30th, '09, 01:34

Zygote wrote:I love those finicky glazes...

Good night everyone.
Licks, Love, & Luck...

This is very Hagi-like, I hope you figure out this "finicky glaze", really purty!!!

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Ups and downs

Postby Zygote » Jun 4th, '09, 01:56

Well... I've been busy busy busy getting bisque loads through the kiln and glazing up work for next weeks soda firing. But with all that bisque floating around the studio, I couldn't resist testing some new glazes on a kiln load of work.
Now you would think I would know better than to run nearly a whole load of work through with untested glazes... out of 52 peices, 21 are acceptable... mabey. Alot of them are really orange though.

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FetishGhost Canisters

Postby Zygote » Jun 4th, '09, 10:23

Another quick post befoe I head out to the studio.


This is a canister (8"h by 5"w) has been slipped and glazed using a white texture glaze and fired to cone 6 in an electric kiln. The cobalt in the slip burns through the white glaze as blue. This is for my FetishGhost storefront on Etsy.

Here's another....


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Postby iannon » Jun 4th, '09, 13:46

Wow..I really like how the glaze turned out on the lid of that first pic..Dont get me wrong I think the whole thing is gorgeous.. but the lid...yeaa..

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Experiments from the kiln

Postby Zygote » Jun 5th, '09, 12:06

Thanks iannon!

Another quick post from this weeks load...


and a foot shot...


This yunomi's surface is the result of a multifired glaze combo that takes advantage of an oxide slip, wax resist, and iron wash brush work. It was part of a batch of experiments that will hopefully lead me into some really fun new territory in the next few weeks.

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awesome pieces

Postby T-session » Jun 5th, '09, 20:02

Hi Joel or Zygote,
Took a few minutes to check out your site/posts and that crawl glaze and ghost images are unbelievably cool!! I've had a few but they were not on purpose. Gertsley borate probably taken through that 1100-1300 *F range too fast. Any tips on crawl glazes would be great.
I'll be checking back soon.

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Postby Cinnamon Kitty » Jun 6th, '09, 00:36

I love the orange yunomi! It looks very Halloween-ish or at least autumnal, like spider webs over crinkled orange leaves.

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Postby Zygote » Jun 6th, '09, 00:42

Yes! That's what I'm aiming for! I'm tring to get this years autumn glazes dialed in now so I can really start playing in a month or 2 to get ready for my fall markets.


Here is one more before bed...

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Postby Dresden » Jun 6th, '09, 09:01

The blue and white glazes seem very christmas-like.

I think a holiday edition with a snowflake stencil would be a nice touch!

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Postby Zygote » Jun 6th, '09, 10:09

I was thinking of doing something along those lines with this winters teapots.

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Postby Mrs. Chip » Jun 8th, '09, 11:51

kymidwife wrote:
Now, I will await more of the ice flow pieces... wish need wish need...

I agree! Your Ice Flow piece rocks!!! Looking forward to seeing more of your funky/creative pieces. :) I really like your style.

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Postby Zygote » Jun 8th, '09, 14:36

Thanks Mrs. Chip!!!

I posted few of the funkier pieces from this Sundays kiln load on my blog this morning...

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Postby Zygote » Jun 8th, '09, 14:39

Here's one from Sunday's load...

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