Handmade Yunomis Are Perfect for Tea (ajhpottery)

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Postby Chip » Jun 8th, '09, 22:11

Chip wrote:Amy, I really like the pieces in the header for your blog! I hope to see more of that style. :wink:

Maybe perhaps with some more orange on the exterior ... :wink:

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beautiful work amy !

Postby bonjiri » Jun 9th, '09, 06:39


beautiful work, please post more photographs of your cool yunomi


cory (bonjiri)

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Postby Victoria » Jun 9th, '09, 12:36

Amy, I signed in today using IE browser and I finally saw the "Four Little Pictures" on your blog and the link to your Etsy! For some reason under FireFox it was just not there. If I had that problem, I am assuming others might too. Would you consider putting your Etsy store link in your profile?

You have some great pieces!

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Postby T-session » Jun 10th, '09, 12:17

Hi Amy,
I'm finally getting settled in and starting to explore more. I checked out your blog site and I love the work in the kiln pictures!! Nice combo's of color and shapes. I see you have an etsy site, I am going to go check that now. I wanted to give you a quick post first. I'll be watching your future work.
Cheers, Bill

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Postby bonjiri » Jun 15th, '09, 05:14

beautiful yunomi !

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Re: Handmade Yunomis Are Perfect for Tea (ajhpottery)

Postby amarie » Aug 28th, '09, 12:14

Hi Amy!

I just wanted to say thank you for shipping out my younomi so quickly, I love it! In fact, it's in use as I'm typing this. Great colors and the shape fits my hands well.

Thanks again, and I hope you enjoyed your vacation!

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