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Postby Chip » Jun 9th, '09, 23:52

Might be hitting up some Korean markets tomorrow. I saw this there last time.

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Postby TEAcipes » Jun 12th, '09, 15:56

Victoria wrote:I have been wanting to go to that big Ranch Market down off Jefferey. Have you been there? Where is Freshia? For baked good we sometimes drive all the way to Kings Hawaiian, LOL. I think we need to compare notes!! :)
You do know about Mitsuwa, right?

Yes yes, I do go to Mitsuwa a lot (that's where I get all of my mugicha and bottled teas). Freshia is off of Red Hill Avenue, in Tustin. I rarely go Ranch Market because parking is impossible and well, I guess I just don't like the produce there...

Chip wrote:I believe it is actually popped rice. A percentage of rice pops when roasted.

Its all rice, usually, but the popped ones called "mochi-hana" are in there for looks. Most of the flavor comes from the unpopped ones.

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