Tea and sleep

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Tea and sleep

Postby maxman » Jul 6th, '06, 16:27

I am wondering if tea effects my sleep.
I generally drink between 20 and 40 ounces of jasmine or oolong tea per day. I generally wake up once/night and feel vaguely restless. I get up for anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes and read or watch tv then go back to sleep. Recently we moved. I could not "brew-up" for two days in a row. On the second night I slept through the night, more soundly than I have for a long time. About a week later I went another day without tea and I also slept very soundly that night. I have also found that if I cut back to 1-2 cups per day I sleep better.
Does anyone else suspect that tea drinking affects their sleep? BTW, I would never give up my tea drinking.

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Postby Carnelian » Jul 6th, '06, 17:34

The effects of caffeine can take up to four hours to wear off. So try not to drink any tea with caffeine for at least four hours before going to bed and see if it make any difference

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Postby Madam Potts » Jul 7th, '06, 17:28

I only drink herbal tisanes at night so it has no effect.

Everyone processes caffeine differently, but if you've found that cutting back helps, then you really out to do so. Tea you can have anytime, sleep however, is a precious commodity to often under-valued.

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Postby hovid2006 » Aug 13th, '06, 22:59

There is a tea called Ho Yan Hor Night tea. It is suitable for drinking at night as it won't affect your sleep. Its main ingredient is mulberry leaves.


Postby Warden Andy » Aug 13th, '06, 23:54

Lately, I've been drinking green or white tea before bed without any problems. The little bit of caffeine in the tea doesn't seem to have any effect.

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Postby rabbit » Aug 14th, '06, 00:04

I don't sleep, that way I have more time to drink tea... so yes, I would say that it definately effects my sleep.

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Postby Jasmine Green » Aug 14th, '06, 11:26

I usually start my first infusion of oolong no later than 5-6pm. Then, my subsequent infusions have significantly less caffeine and I can usually get 3-4 good infusions out of it. I happen to like the 2nd infusion of most oolongs better anyway. Try making the first infusion 30 seconds or so, pouring that off and discarding and then make another good pot of tea with a full infusion with less caffeine.

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Postby Samovar » Aug 22nd, '06, 15:07

I drink black teas all day long. I like a nice cup of tea before I go to bed because it makes me feel relaxed.

A hot bath with a nice hot cup of tea also helps.


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Postby jzero » Aug 24th, '06, 11:27

As a rule, I simply do not drink tea after 5PM.

My family usual orders Chinese food once a week, and I simply cannot resist the urge to make a pot of pearls to go with it. We usually order on weekends when I stay up late, but when we do it during the week, I always put that pot on and the good angel says "You really should skip the tea" and the bad angels says "2 cups won't do anything!" And everytime I lie awake that night saying to myself "I should have just skipped the tea!"

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Postby Amanda » Aug 24th, '06, 14:20

Me too - no caffeine after 4:30, if it can be helped. Otherwise I am up way past Dave and Conan. A hot bath helps too!


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Re: Tea and sleep

Postby LadyGreyer » Aug 28th, '06, 17:47

You might try a tisane with valerian and chamomile in it. Helps one relax and sleep.

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