Tea and Quitting Smoking

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Tea and Quitting Smoking

Postby Chelsye » Sep 6th, '06, 18:24

Anyone have any tea suggestions for easing the pain of quitting smoking? I have been sticking with herbal teas (can't handle caffeine now that I've quit :shock: ) but I wasn't sure if there was something specific that may help.

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Postby Warden Andy » Sep 6th, '06, 20:47

Lapsang Souchong. It's a very smokey tea, so I would imagine it would be good for helping quiting smoking. Just do a 30-45 second rinse to get rid of most of the caffeine.

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Postby PlantFan » Sep 7th, '06, 13:24

I've heard from a friend who used to smoke that a drop of clove bud essential oil on the tongue is supposed to curb cravings for smoking. Maybe try a drop in your tea? (and it just smells wonderful!)

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Postby maxman » Dec 24th, '06, 23:41

Jake_Mayer wrote:You might also consider finding an all herbal smoking blend (lobelia, mullein, wild lettuce, etc), to wean yourself from tobacco,
Good luck,

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I disagree with this advice. If you're gonna quit smoking, then quit smoking; don't switch addictions.

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