darjeeling tea

Fully oxidized tea leaves for a robust cup.

darjeeling tea

Postby Rajiv » Jul 4th, '05, 09:01


We are Tea Emporium of darjeeling,one of the oldest tea merchants based in darjeeling,we have the largest collection of Darjeeling teas with us,one can order teas directly form us by sending us an e-mail at:info@teaemporium.net
We are proud to announce that around 1200 Tea lovers order teas from us every day and our clientele is growing with each rising sun........We invide all Darjeeling tea lovers to our aromatic collections of Darjeeling teas..........visit us at www.teaemporium.net


website down

Postby ilya » Jul 5th, '05, 00:03


We are happy to see that you found a spot on TeaChat to advertise your website, and given the fact that your web servers are clogged with 1200 orders a day, it's no wonder why your website is down :wink:

Let us know when you are back up.


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Postby Rajiv » Jul 7th, '05, 02:47

One can order teas from us in bulk and small quantities by just sending us an e-mail:info@teaemporium.net and find the difference,why great tea lovers look for Tea Emporium of Darjeeling


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