Sailors tea (Rum)

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Sailors tea (Rum)

Postby Bex » Oct 10th, '06, 19:23

I was passing some time in my local tea shop today when I came across 'Sailors tea'! This is esentially black tea flavoured with rum. Being a sea lover I could not resist this.. so I have a new addition to my collection.

Has anyone else ever tried or come across such a thing?

What a great idea indeed!

I am excited about trying it - I cannot decide when is best for its consumption - whether it is a morning/afternoon or after evening meal tea? (obviously it is best for when one is at sea, but for me that is sadly not an everyday occurence!).


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Postby Carnelian » Oct 10th, '06, 19:44

Actually I believe adagio has a rum flavored tea.

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Postby Bex » Oct 10th, '06, 19:55

wow - thats great to know.. Has anyone had any of it?

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Postby Madam Potts » Oct 11th, '06, 14:40


I tried infusing my own tea with rum and then attempted with pedestrian means to "dry it out" never dried right. I have since taken to brewing my tea and "flavoring" with rum afterwards... especially good when sick or not feeling well.

Any recommendations on Adagio's Rum Tea?

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Postby teaspoon » Oct 17th, '06, 14:54

I've had adagio's rum flavored tea. It's alright, but unfortunately it's one of those in which the flavor doesn't come through enough. If you concentrate really hard and wish with all your might, you can taste the rum. At least that's my experience of it. A while back there was a discussion of what could possibly be done to reformulate the flavoring to make it stronger, so I don't know if perhaps they've done anything about that. Amanda, any insight?


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Postby sjschen » Dec 14th, '06, 09:41

This is completely off topic, but when I saw the title of the thread I just had to drop in and say:


That's all :D

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Postby Tobadzistsini » Feb 4th, '07, 20:40

Back in the early 80's Lipton had a Black Rum flavored tea.

I actually liked it! They took it off of the market years ago though.

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Postby go green » Oct 24th, '07, 20:12

Hi all...I'm new here but wanted to share a good vanilla rum's by a tea company from the Bahamas...they aare the island rose tea company

it is very yummy!! so is their lime tea!! Tastes like a lime sucker!

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