If you're in Philly

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If you're in Philly

Postby Nate Phillips » Nov 6th, '05, 14:42


If you happen to be in Philly, please drop into my favorite establishment...:The House of Tea". It's located at 720 S. 4th Street accross from the "Essene Natural Food Market".
A serene environment with great and experienced hosting walled by countless vats of innumerable teas. If you like your tea fresh come to historic South Center City and stop into the "House of Tea". You won't regret it.

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Nate Phillips

Postby klemptor » Nov 6th, '05, 17:00

That's 4th and what? The map on Yahoo says it's in Northern Liberties but that doesn't sound right to me and the map doesn't show the cross-street.

I work at 8th & Chestnut so it may be feasible for me to stop by sometime.
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House of Tea

Postby Nate Phillips » Dec 1st, '05, 00:29

Hey (oops!)... I mean, yo Klemptor. If you're that close it would be pure sacrilege for you not to have dropped in by now. Homie dontcha know-me?

Nate Phillips

Postby peachaddict » May 14th, '06, 18:25

Taking a break from homework, I happened to see this thread. This is a nudge. Check it out, especially if you live near Philly. Hope you guys can get something out of this thread.
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Postby MarshalN » May 18th, '06, 01:59

So where is it, actually?
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Postby klemptor » May 18th, '06, 09:48

The first map I looked at must've been flooey. The map I brought up now puts it near 4th & South, which would be a bit of a walk on foot, but if I drive to work (instead of taking the train) sometime, I'll def stop by.
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Postby Madam Potts » Oct 26th, '06, 11:18

Remembering this post, I checked out the House of Tea on 4th Street (just south of South Street, if you're walking it...)

I spoke with the owner a bit, and she was very pleasant, able to answer all types of questions. You can purchase tea there, but just an FYI, this is not a "tea house", meaning you cannot get served a cup of tea. It is strictly a retail shop.

Def stop by if you're in the area, but plan to go elsewhere if you want to sit down and enjoy a cuppa!

Madam Potts
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Madam Potts
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Postby erikt » Feb 21st, '08, 21:43

Thank god it's not in northern liberties lmao.... how is their selection? I live in Belmar NJ (not belmwar i live by the beach) I go out to philly to see friends, and if the selection is good i'll have to drive out next week! Let me know!
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Postby forkyfork » Feb 22nd, '08, 13:48

How far is this tea house from the Pennsylvania Convention Center. I'll be staying in Philly for a conference in June, but I won't have a car.
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