Hawaii-Grown Black Tea ?

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Hawaii-Grown Black Tea ?

Postby zencha » Aug 19th, '09, 21:42

Has anyone tried Hawaii-Grown Black Tea ?

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Re: Hawaii-Grown Black Tea ?

Postby sneakers » Aug 20th, '09, 01:02

At $25-75/oz? :lol:

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Re: Hawaii-Grown Black Tea ?

Postby Victoria » Aug 20th, '09, 02:51

Yes, I was there last year and visited the Onomea Tea Company.

http://onotea.com/index.php?option=com_ ... e&Itemid=1

There is quite a frenzy to obtain this tea by the islanders. The owner had apologized profusely over the lack of tea quantity and also that fact that some of, actually most of, what he felt were his best teas, were sold out. The locals are dialed in and anxiously await the harvest, and snap them up as soon as they roll out, leaving little for sale. Even some is purchased by a special Taiwan agent who buys for high demand Taiwanese clientele with a taste for Hawaiian tea. No wonder it is so hard to procure! Premium demand creates premium pricing and unfortunately.

Is it worth it? It is if you are looking for the experience of drinking a Hawaiian grown tea, of course absolutely. Will it replace your morning black? Probably not unless you live in Hawaii ... on Kona.


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Re: Hawaii-Grown Black Tea ?

Postby Zanaspus » Aug 21st, '09, 10:34

Slightly off-topic, but Bears^3 review of the green;

http://puerh.blogspot.com/2009/07/kilin ... green.html

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Re: Hawaii-Grown Black Tea ?

Postby rhondabee » Jul 17th, '10, 16:47

I went a new tea shop's open house last weekend & they had tastings of some of their new teas, including Hawaiian white & black teas. I found the white to be a little weak, but fruity, but I really liked the black tea. I do not normally drink black tea, so have nothing to compare it to, but it was fruity and smooth tasting. I decided to buy a 14 gram package of it. This was Mauka Black from Tea Hawaii company, Volcano Tea Garden. I didn't even check the price before buying, but I think I paid $13 for it.

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