Does anyone know chinese?

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Does anyone know chinese?

Postby fmoreira272 » Jul 10th, '09, 23:40

I just had some tea from my sample box and it was pretty good. I suspected it is some oolong. does anyone has any idea? thanks :)


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Postby Victoria » Jul 11th, '09, 11:10

Do you have pictures of the tea?
Leaves before/after?

Usually darker oolongs are in these
color bags.

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Postby fmoreira272 » Jul 11th, '09, 12:07

unfortunately i just remembered to take pictures after i rinsed the certainly looked like oolong, large leaves, golden color tea. i got the sample with some teapot i ordered on ebay. I guess i will keep trying oolong to see if anything matches the flavor...
will pay more attention and make notes next time i open my sample box(which is overflowing already!)

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Re: Does anyone know chinese?

Postby tsing4 » Sep 5th, '09, 19:58

i am a Chinese Tieguanyin wholesaler. The tea you say is Tieguanyin(铁观音), it is a kind of oolong tea, almost the best kind. it is from Anxi(安溪) Fujian(福建).

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Re: Does anyone know chinese?

Postby Proinsias » Sep 5th, '09, 21:14

You may be a little late to the party

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