Green Tea on the web

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Green Tea on the web

Postby Proinsias » Nov 11th, '06, 21:18

My introduction to fine tea, aside from being a lifelong addict of tea, was from someone very well versed in china/taiwan green tea. After she left the UK for a while I've been looking for good info on tea. My searching on the net has led me to find many great sources of advice on oolong,red and pu-erh. My problem is that there does not appear to be anything close to the level of disscusion that the other types of tea receive.

Does anyone know of any sites that take seriously or discuss green tea?

My, rather short, exposure to a tea expert made me really pay attention to greens and occasionaly enjoy the others. One of the things I take from my online expereince is that green tea seems to be unwothry of disscusion.

Is my web-fu rubbish or is all the good tea disscusion on the web directed at oolong and p-erh?

Cheers to Adagio, this forum is exactly what the tea world needs.

On the other hand I'm really starting to appreciate the nuances of oolong and pu-erh, thank you internet.

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