Please Help Me!

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Please Help Me!

Postby jess » Jul 13th, '05, 18:37

I am at the beginning stages of learning about tea. I just made my first purchase from adagioteas. I ordered 21 sample tins of all different flavors to give out at a tea party I have coming up. However I have no idea how to make tea with real tea leaves versus tea bags. YIKES! Please help me and soon, my party is just around the corner!
Thanks so much!

Postby chris » Jul 13th, '05, 23:07

Thanks for the note.

No worries... take a deep breath. Adagio is here for you.

Here's a link with easy preparation info:

Also, we've got a very easy way to quickly and inexpensively infuse all 21 varieties, using our paper filters shown here:

(NOTE: if you order these before 3pm tomorrow, they'll ship out tomorrow!)

Your shining tea-knight,

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