Red Espresso(Rooibos)

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Red Espresso(Rooibos)

Postby Shai Guy » Aug 7th, '09, 12:09

Hello.I've seen some videos for this product called Red Espresso which seems to be just Rooibos ground to the size of basic Espresso coffee size and was wondering if anyone has tried it.

I like Rooibos and I like Espresso and the videos made the product look really good.However I do not have a real Espresso machine,I have a stovetop/Moka pot.I wonder if this Red Espresso product would work out using it.

Also,could a regular Rooibos be bought and ground in a coffee grinder and work the same??

Hmm,so many questions I have lol.

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Re: Red Espresso(Rooibos)

Postby Ebtoulson » Aug 8th, '09, 04:39

I tried using ground rooibos (that I ground myself) a long time ago with a 'real' espresso maker and it didn't turn out that well. It seemed that my espresso machine gets the water too hot because it smelt and tasted like the rooibos was burnt. I haven't tried it since then but you might want to start it earlier before it gets too hot. You might have better luck with your stovetop.

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Re: Red Espresso(Rooibos)

Postby JM » Aug 15th, '09, 00:42

I did a home brew and didn't see much different then a 10 min. steep.

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Re: Red Espresso(Rooibos)

Postby AlexZorach » Sep 24th, '09, 12:32

I was given this as a free sample in a coffee/tea shop where I am a regular; it was quite exquisite when I had it. The aromas of the rooibos were much bolder than in a regular cup of Rooibos tea, and it was much more full-bodied and creamy.

I wouldn't know anything about brewing it at home, however.

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