Nilgiri (Corsley Estate) TGFOP, recommend something similar?

Fully oxidized tea leaves for a robust cup.

Nilgiri (Corsley Estate) TGFOP, recommend something similar?

Postby aebax » Jul 14th, '05, 14:25

I tried a small sample tin of a tea from my local tea shop called "Nilgiri (Corsley Estate) TGFOP." I love the tea and I'm interested in purchasing a larger amount of a similar tasting tea from Adagio; my local shop's prices are a little expensive. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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Postby Marlene » Jul 14th, '05, 14:31

I don't think Adagio carries any Nilgiris. Just a Darjeeling. Try . She is a member of a family in India who own estates. She has a couple of Nilgiris, but I haven't seen that particular estate.

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