persian earl grey

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persian earl grey

Postby diffuse » Nov 12th, '06, 09:57

i've noticed that in scandinavia, you can easily get what's called "persian" earl grey tea (basically earl grey w/jasmine) but i haven't been able to find it over here. which is surprising, because it's so common over there that lipton makes it! (& it's delicious--despite what lipton making it might seem to indicate. the last time i was in finland i had to bring back five bags for my friends!)

has adagio ever had any kind of jasmine earl grey? it's mighty tasty! ;)

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Postby Amanda » Nov 16th, '06, 17:48

hey there -

No, have not had that one. will keep an eye out for it...thanks for the suggestion :)

Has anyone else tried this kind of tea?


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Postby himthatwas » Nov 18th, '06, 22:44

I don't remember what the brand name is but it's that gypsy one in the oversize Republic of Tea style tubes, anyway they have one with that mix if I'm not mistaken. It can be found at many stores in my area (West Coast, USA). Oh, and I've never heard it called "Persian Earl Grey" before so you might have better luck just looking for Earl Grey with any old name attached. Good Luck.

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Postby diffuse » Nov 19th, '06, 10:04

thanks for the tip! i think i know the brand you're talking about, so i'll have to take a look. & yeah, i've looked for the particular mix under any kind of name involving earl grey & jasmine, & haven't really had any luck. ;)

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Postby mokie » Nov 25th, '06, 18:42

Zhena's Gypsy Tea? No jasmine earl grey, but they do have a tasty looking lemon jasmine...

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Postby jogrebe » Nov 25th, '06, 19:27

You could always mix Earl Grey and Jasmine together to create what you are looking for if you can't find it elsewhere.

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Postby teaspoon » Dec 13th, '06, 21:56

Here in the US, look for "Buckingham Palace Garden Party" blend. It's Earl Grey with jasmine, and sometimes Assam as well. Sounds like what you're looking for.


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Postby diffuse » Dec 15th, '06, 12:20

i've tried tealuxe's buckingham palace garden party & hated it! it didn't taste, to my mind, like my beloved persian earl grey. ;) does anyone know if tealuxe's blend compares to others of the same name?

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Postby teamanofworld » Mar 18th, '09, 15:47

If you want real traditional Earl Grey tea, From the Persian region. Check out Alvin's of San Francisco Persian Choice Earl Gray Tea. Its insane how good it is. I think rite now they only make loose leaf but its just like drinking tea in ancient iran. (or what i think it would taste like) Its quite strong but if you brew it rite, it will not be as stong.

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