Iced Tea Flavor Ideas

These teas can resemble virtually any flavor imaginable.

Postby rspear » Feb 24th, '09, 13:57

Sorry for the shameless self promotion :lol: but a blend I made called Rise and Shine is really good iced. It is a mix of three green teas, ginseng, apricot and mandarin and it really is delicious! Greens are my favorite iced and these flavors are super refreshing and really do give you a nice pick-me-up!!

I also like mango green and apricot green mixed, Yum!! ... blend=5117[/url]

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Postby sneakers » Apr 28th, '09, 03:21

Am I allowed to mention a non-Adagio? If not, delete this.

Silver Tips (a tea company near me in NYS and online) Lemon Drop, a black tea, but I've forgotten what blend they use.

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Postby Artemis » Jul 17th, '09, 10:38

I love mixing herbal teas (strawberry, cherry, blood orange, peppermint) into my white and green teas for iced teas. The dreaded teavana also has some decent herbal blends for icing (strawberry kiwi was surprisingly decent).

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Re: Iced Tea Flavor Ideas

Postby Canadiangal » Oct 16th, '09, 23:02

I really like my mix of silver thread green tea and honeydew.
I am using some honeydew frozen cubes that I puree in the blender and freeze.
a little bit of work,but yummy.

or also the same silver threas tea with maple sugar and lemon is nice iced.

Hot the silver thread tea is a bit too "green" tasting for me.
I know green tea is supposed to taste very maybe I am not used to it.

the tea I used is a Yunnan green tea...not too sure if that makes a difference or not.

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