Rebrew Rooibos

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Rebrew Rooibos

Postby Capella » Jun 17th, '09, 20:43

Do you rebrew your rooibos leaves, or do you only use them once? I tried rebrewing and it tasted more bland. Has anyone else experienced this?

(It was Adagio's rooibos caramel+rooibos vanilla.)

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Postby Sam. » Jun 17th, '09, 23:42

Rooibos doesn't seem to brew multiple times as well as real tea does. I think that goes for most herbal teas. Sometimes I do if I just want something else to keep sipping on but it's always going to be not as strong.

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Postby mastasteepa » Jun 29th, '09, 12:52

In my experience when you try and rebrew it, it definitely tastes more bland, but you can rebrew it. What I use as a rule of thumb is that I use half the amount of water as I did the first time, and brew it for twice the amount of time and it comes out alright. I wouldn't recommend trying a third steep

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Re: Rebrew Rooibos

Postby AlexZorach » Sep 24th, '09, 12:48

I haven't had much luck re-brewing. On the other hand, I like mine strong and I usually brew mine for 8+ minutes, sometimes much longer...and after that there's just not much left in it.

I would imagine that if you used a shorter brewing time you could probably get multiple infusions...and like tea I would imagine it would depend on the quality, amount used, etc.

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Re: Rebrew Rooibos

Postby judyw » Oct 20th, '09, 23:58

I love Rooibos. I think re brewing makes it weaker, but sometimes I just want to get every last drop.

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Re: Rebrew Rooibos

Postby braven » Nov 3rd, '09, 17:26

I tryed rebrewing it. Tastes like water. :(

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Re: Rebrew Rooibos

Postby judyw » Nov 21st, '09, 12:42

In my experience it is a weaker cup of tea. I will do it sometimes, just depends on my mood that day.

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Re: Rebrew Rooibos

Postby JM » Nov 26th, '09, 00:35

I've tried it a few times but found it weak. It's not all that expensive so I use a fresh bag everytime.


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Re: Rebrew Rooibos

Postby brad4419 » Dec 12th, '09, 11:20

I rebrew rooibos twice. As everyone else said the first infusion is the strongest and the second much weaker but sometimes I like it on the weak side, especially before bed.

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Re: Rebrew Rooibos

Postby AlexZorach » Jan 18th, '10, 16:42

How long are each of you brewing it the first time?

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Re: Rebrew Rooibos

Postby Symmetry » Jan 18th, '10, 23:49

Generally I do the first brew for 4:30 to 5:00 minutes. I've tried it a few times at varying temperatures and times, but I haven't been able to find a second brew I really like. A lot more of that mouth-dryness is evident, and less of the earthy notes.

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Re: Rebrew Rooibos

Postby debunix » Jan 19th, '10, 00:57

One thing that has not been mentioned yet is that flavored teas are often meant to give all the added flavor elements on the first infusion, so may not have much left or may have oddly unbalanced flavors left on reinfusion.

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